Joviehost provides web hosting, domain name registration and related products and services, to musicians, businesses, individuals, non-profit organizations and others. Joviehost is a property of JP Capital Assets Inc. and is able to provide a variety and range of products and services to help customers with their technological needs.

The information that Joviehost collects in connection with the services is hosted on servers located in the United States (U.S.), unless otherwise provided.


Your personal information is used solely for account verification, data ownership and other reasons relating to your JOVIEHOST.COM account. From time to time, as a member of JOVIEHOST.COM, you will receive emails on promotions and other important updates regarding your account.


We reserve the right to discontinue or modify our services, plans, pricing and anything else related to this website at any time. We are not responsible for your data and can only offer a 99.9% up-time guarantee. That’s the standard up-time guarantee with all web hosts which means up to 3.5 days of downtime for maintenance, upgrades, etc. (365 x 0.99 = 361.35 days of up-time).


If you are a Managed by JOVIEHOST.COM member we automatically provide all Technical Support for you. For Basic Joviehost.com members our Technical Support is available by email from 9-5 M-F with a response time of 2 business days. We are here to guide you and answer all your questions regarding your domain name, your email accounts, your website or other matters relating to your account.


JOVIEHOST.COM test all software used on our servers but does not provide a warranty on the platform or any software integrated into the system. Our service involves bringing together themes and plugins into WordPress for a customized web site platform tailored for do it yourself musicians, businesses, individuals, non-profit organizations and others. Some of the software on our servers is open-source and free to the WordPress community. We claim no ownership on any of the software we use and offer only a managed platform to use it.


We provide and manage backup service for Managed by JOVIEHOST.COM members. Basic Joviehost.com members are responsible for backing up your data.


We offer a Money-Back Guarantee, if you are not satisfied with our Hosting Service, upon your written request Joviehost will refund payment within fourteen (14) days of notice of termination or cancellation. A proportionate amount for the Hosting Service which we have supplied up to receipt of your notice of cancellation will apply. If the Hosting Services has been completed before you supplied notice of cancellation, then you will remain liable for the full cost of the Hosting Service supplied.


Members are free to cancel their account and transfer or delete their account/site any time and will be effective the last day of your billing cycle.