Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Joviehost.com and what are the benefits for me?

Created for Singers, Songwriters and Musicians, Joviehost.com is a hosting and website creation service that helps you build an industry leading web presence in as little as 2 weeks with the power of WordPress. WordPress provides a ton of tools for building and managing a great website.

2. What features are offered when I build my site?

Customize your theme design, share and sale your music, share your gigs, stay in touch with fans. eCommerce built in to accept payments with all major credit cards and PayPal.

3. Do I get a domain name?

We will register a domain for you if you don’t have one. If you have an existing domain or site we can help you transfer it over to Joviehost.com.

4. What if I have my own domain?

You can use your own domain with our service. After you have selected a plan, you will be given our name servers which can be specified within your registrar’s interface.

5. What is the cost?

To get started the fee is $475.00 – a fraction of what other services charge. And we setup your e-commerce as well. After the initial fee the cost is $14.95 $19.95 per month.

6. What payment methods do you take?

Joviehost.com accepts most major credit cards and PayPal for your convenience which you can handle online easily. If you wish to mail us a check or make other payment arrangements, email support@joviehost.com and we will work to fit your needs.

7. Can I cancel my service anytime?

Yes, you can cancel this service anytime, effective the last day of your billing cycle.

8. Do I have to install any software on my PC or Mac to use this?

There is no need to install anything on your computer to use this service. Everything is managed via your web browser which allows you or your band mates to manage your site from any computer with your admin login ID (user name) and password.

9. What if I need help with my website can you help?

We are here for you as a fellow musician. If you have any trouble using the service or need help building your site in any way, email support@joviehost.com and our support staff will assist you.

10. What makes Joviehost.com different for other web builders and services on the net?

When joining Joviehost.com, you are joining a family of music people  from all over the world and this company is ran by Singers, Songwriters and Musicians right here in Nashville, TN with 30 years experience in the music industry. We solely focus on the the needs of the Singers, Songwriters, and Musicians with the designing of each site. Every site has a specific different need, and we desire to meet that need! We are not a group of people in a cubical, we understand music people! Take a look at our Backwoods Recording Studio custom site we built!

11. What type of platform do you use to build these sites?

WordPress is web software that we use to create beautiful websites and blogs. WordPress is the most popular platform on the net and is very easy to use!

12. Can I install my own WordPress Theme?

If you already have your own theme we can install it for you at a one-time fee of $50 including theme options configuration (note) :Template must be approved first by our (IT Team) to make sure its compatible.

13. How many pages, posts, mp3’s, photos or videos can I have?

There are limits to the number of pages/posts you can have on your website. Please visit the Pricing page for terms. You do not want to place too many videos, large photos on your site as it can slow the response time. Our servers are very powerful however large files can take a along time to load on mobile devices. We are here to help you every step of the way.

14. Can Joviehost manage my site for me?

Yes Joviehost and our team can manage your entire site! We setup emails, domain, upload your content, graphics, videos and everything else! (Managed Pro Music Artist Website) is $19.95 per month.

15. Who owns and runs Joviehost.com

Joviehost.com is owned and operated by Backwoods Recording Studio.